Quality of life

The Mittelbaden region is one of the most beautiful areas in Germany and is renowned for the enchanting variety of its nature and its cultural offerings. Nature, culture and economy coexist in harmony. Urban city life and life on the country side, traditional agriculture and innovative industries, time-honoured tradtion and an open mind for new developments are not contradictions in Mittelbaden. The spa town of Baden-Baden also offers a wide range of cultural activities that attracts visitors from all over the world. Recreationalists appreciate the vast variety of leisure, sports and cultural events.

  • The northern part of the Black Forest with the distinctive scenery of the historic Murgtal is an attractive destination for hiking, biking and winter sports. Two more highlights are the Black Forest national park and the Central/North Black Forest nature park.
  • The Rhine Valley around Rastatt is part of the biggest meadow landscape in central Europe, making it a paradise for biking (PAMINA-Rheinpark) and watersports.
  • The promontory is characterised by its mild climate and charming vineyards with numerous hiking paths and didactic footpaths. The region is widely known for the high quality of its local products.
  • Baden-Baden is the region's cultural center with an international reputation. International urban life, cultivated landscapes and vineyards and the mediterranian climate provide the setting for living and working in this town. Enjoyable living conditions are a key factor for motivation and success.
  • The short distance to the neighbouring Alsace region, its mild climate and a soil that is perfectly suitable for growing wine, fruit and asparagus make the region a heaven for gourmets. Whether you prefer high-class restaurants or small taverns - hospitality has a long tradition in Mittelbaden.