Family & Work Life

The compatibility of family and work life is an increasingly important subject with a lot of aspects to be considered for both companies and employees. New forms of family life, demographic change, skills shortage and globalisation are just some of the many factors that will have a lasting impact on our society and working environment.

The Wirtschaftsregion Mittelbaden is ready to accept this challenge by making family-friendly policies an important and sustainable factor for the region's attractiveness. Compatibility of family and work life can still not be taken for granted. This is why the WRM aims to reconcile the various factors involved. Many businesses already support their employees by offering flexible working hours and company child care, considering the family situation in staffing decision and offering special programmes for parents returning to their jobs after parental leave. Family-friendly policies thus give companies an advantage in attracting and retaining skilled workers. At the same time, families are also supported by the regional authorities. The services offered range from individual childcare programmes in day care centres or with child minders to counselling and support for caregiving relatives.