Handwerkskammer Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe Chamber of Crafts)

The craft sector is one of the main business sectors in the Mittelbaden region. The Karlsruhe Chamber of Crafts is a self-governing body representing the interests of more than 3,200 medium-sized companies in the craft industry and of their employees and apprentices. The chamber also performs a number of regulatory tasks such as managing the register of craftsmen and apprentices, supervising apprenticeships and exams, appointing expert witnesses, preparing expert opinions and issuing certificates of proficiency.

With its main office in Karlsruhe and a subsidiary in Baden-Baden, the Karlsruhe Chamber of Crafts is well-positioned in the area and can offer a number of customer-oriented services, usually free of charge. Services include consultation in the fields of business, law, environment, technology, foreign trade and educational guidance.