Karlsruhe Technology Region

The WRM is an integral part and important partner of the Karlsruhe Technology Region (TechologieRegion Karlsruhe, TRK), an area that by now comprises ten towns (including Baden-Baden, Rastatt, Bühl and Gaggenau), four administrative districts and the regional association of Mittelrhein. 


  • Work together towards their common goal of strengthening the business regions (e. g. by enhancing infrastructure and attracting skilled workers).
  • Complement each other with their offers and services that are beneficial for companies and institutions in the region.
  • Cooperate in order to create a competitive environment for their partners in the region.

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In January 2015, the Karlsruhe Technology Region launched a new digital welcoming portal in order to increase the region's popularity beyond regional borders and to attract an increasing number of skilled worked. The website provides official and general information in both English and German about living as well as working in Germany.

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